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The multidisciplinary and innovative approach is led by internationally renowned experts and practitioners, who adopt an integrated view of the cultural phenomena and mechanisms in order to explore themes such as the complexity of the sector and the ways in which the creation, development and dissemination of culture are linked to the local, regional and global economy.

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ECO Pavilion MMX Studio

Every year, the ECO Experimental Museum in Mexico City, organizes a competition for a temporary pavilion designed to house various events at the main patio of the exemplary building designed in 1953 by the artist Matthias Goeritz. This year MMX Studio has won the first prize for the 2011 ECO Pavilion. The design does not seek to create a stand-alone piece at the main courtyard; on the contrary, the intervention tries to strengthen the key assets of the original museum, creating an extension of the architectural experiment that the original building pursues.

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